Tracy Lynn Pristas

Revealed Treasure

Dr. Ken & Chris McLeish
Upbeat poppy garden painting designed for couples living room to be showcased above their fireplace. Fire holds a sense of eternity, making the fireplace mantel an appropriate location for things dear to the heart.

Through a gallery in Wisconsin, my wife and I became familiar with Tracy’s work. We found a painting that we thought would be perfect for our house, but the size of the painting did not work for the space. The gallery owner put us in touch with Tracy, who was excited about modifying the original painting to suit our needs. After we commissioned Tracy to produce our painting, she kept in touch by phone and email to let us know the progress of the work and to discuss various aspects of the work. Tracy understood what features of the original work attracted us, and she put extra effort into enhancing those features. The painting is an exciting addition to our living room, and it was a pleasure working with Tracy. - Kenneth R. McLeish, M.D.