Tracy Lynn Pristas

Solitude Appraisal

Julie Billingsley
Large scale semi abstract landscape painting commission for residential living room has transformed this interior space to a room that recites color and light. The intention of this commission was for the painting to be the focal point that draws ones eyes back into the clients space. This one of a kind oil painting functions as a window for the clients own private year round summer escape.

Solitude Appraisal has become an anchor in the daily living space of the house. You can see it from many of the rooms, and it is like the backdrop on a stage for the living room. It brings both nature and peace to be part of the room. I enjoy it every day! Having a piece of art commissioned is very different than buying something you happen to see and like. Tracy was able to surface ideas around elements of inspiration to me, as well as tailor the size, style and concept to fit my house without the final painting losing the underlying integrity of her painting style. It was a great experience and made the final painting feel much "mine" because I was part of the creation of the idea of it. - Julie Billingsley