Tracy Lynn Pristas

The Break Outs

Apr. 1, 2006
Chicago Magazine
Meghan Mcewen
Chicago Magazine / April 2006 / The Break Outs The Break Outs Four local artists whose work was tapped for the movie The Break-Up. By Meghan McEwen The Break-Up, a little romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston as an aspiring artist and Vince Vaughn as her ex, is not set to hit theatres until June. Yet the movie has already garnered attention (something to do with the reported canoodling of its costars). That's a good thing for Chicago, where it was filmed, and where the set decorator, Dan Clancy, found the artistic works that get cameos in Aniston's world. Here are four local artists whose work was tapped for the movie and where you can see their art now. WESLEY KIMLER Dramatic in every sense, Kimler's work is mammoth in scale and marked by amoeba-shaped forms, often growing human heads, in shocking, fluorescent colors. Where to see: The Aon Center lobby (200 E. Randolph St.) and his studio (2046 W. Carroll Ave.; 312-942-9078), by appointment In the movie: Half of the art in the film's gallery is Kimler's. Brush with celebrity: Kimler hung out with the set carpenters. "The whole movie thing," he says, "-hanging out with actors-it's not a big deal." FRANCINE TURK The Near South Side artist's graceful, simple, and often voluptuous nude drawings were born out of a figure drawing class she took at Columbia College three years ago. Where to see: The Francine Turk Gallery (18 E. Cullerton St.; 312-674-1818) In the movie: In the main characters' condo and in the gallery Brush with celebrity: On the movie set, Turk presented Jennifer Aniston with a charcoal drawing. TRACY LYNN PRISTAS This self-taught painter and yogi creates subtle, skillfully textured abstract landscapes in drippy earth tones. Where to see: Lydon Fine Art (309 W. Superior St.; 312-943-1133) or her studio (1806 W. Cuyler Ave.; 773-580-6446), by appointment In the movie: In the personal loft space of the gallery owner (played by Judy Davis); in the gallery; in Vaughn and Aniston's bedroom Brush with celebrity: A cameo during a scene at Buckingham Fountain. SANDRO A commercial photographer who goes by simply one name, Sandro is a master of the portrait, counting Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali among his subjects. Where to see: His studio (2540 W. Huron St.; 773-486-0300) In the movie: His photos of nude dancers in the art gallery; a sepia-toned photograph in the condo Brush with celebrity: Vince Vaughn bought a handful of Sandro's glossy photo books to give to the cast. Photography: Portraits Lisa Predko Art Works Courtesy of the Artists This article appears in the April 2006 issue of Chicago Magazine