Tracy Lynn Pristas

Nov. 13, 2018
Pristas Awarded A 2019 Artist Residency @ Brush Creek Foundation For The Arts.
Sep. 3, 2018
Check Out Filsinger Art Gallery El Paseo Shopping District
Feb. 14, 2018
Denver Art Exhibition Purchase Original Pristas Paintings To Spruce Up Your Home or Office
Nov. 10, 2017
Pristas To Create New High-End Residential Abstract Landscape Commission
Sep. 14, 2017
Pristas To Create New High-End Residential Abstract Landscape Commissioned Triptych
Jun. 21, 2017
Abstract Landscape Paintings Gallery Exhibition & Demonstration
Apr. 5, 2017
New Residential Abstract Landscape Painting Commission For Private Art Collector
Feb. 15, 2017
Pristas Abstract Landscape Painting Purchased For Permanent Collection For Wyndemere Senior Living
Sep. 15, 2016
Video: Tracy Lynn Pristas discusses her materials, process, and the healing power of her paintings in Chicago Hospitals
Jul. 25, 2016
Permanent Collection Tracy Lynn Pristas Receives Acquisition Award From Colorado Creative Industries State Art Agency.

Collected Brilliance / 48 x 48 / Museum Quality
Detail: Commission For Private CO Collector
Magical Shift I / Archival Monotype
Autumn Spirit II / Mixed-Media On Panel
Attained Enchantment Museum-Quality / 48 x 48

You deserve to own art as original as you are. Explore, invest, discover and collect original Tracy Lynn Pristas abstract landscape paintings and abstracts. You can be sure that her work is the best of the best when you purchase one of her Signature Design pieces, You want to invest in high-quality archival artwork made in the USA, because materials matter! Each painting is an organic composition channeled by the artist without the use of shortcuts or projectors. Tracy Lynn Pristas has created over 29 successful commissions for art consultant firms, interior designers, and individual collectors who value her work for it's highest quality materials and uplifting energies. She has sold over 196 original paintings! Her paintings have been featured on Lifetime TV, hit series "Drop Dead Diva," & the blockbuster movie, "The Breakup." Pristas infuses each of her artworks with Reiki healing energies. Reiki is a Japanese system for channeling universal life force energy to someone or something for the purpose of healing. An important factor as to why her work is the premier fit for healthcare, senior living, education, residential and commercial permanent collections. You can now purchase a select number of her originals online at International collectors may shop her work directly from In need of custom site specific work for your home or office she can handle that too. If you live near one of the many fine art galleries that represent her work be sure to stop in to experience the joy of her lovely creations. If your budget is limited then choose from 17 Tracy Lynn Pristas licensed images for two international publishing companies offering museum-quality reproductions. "I am proud to say my husband and I are long-time collectors of Tracy Lynn Pristasís work. We love the spirit and beauty she portrays on canvas. I feel better looking at her paintings Iíve been fortunate to own and wistfully view those that are out there awaiting other owners. Her paintings bring me home." - Mr & Mrs Cheffings - Chicago, IL. One of the reasons that seasoned collectors select a Pristas original is because of her high standards in her materials. All oil paint is the highest quality richly pigmented Williamburg and Gamblin, both made in the USA. All acrylic paint is Golden also made in the USA. Artwork on this site is copyright protected and can only be used with the artist formal permission.

Order your copy of the book, Exhaling Illumination - Abstract Landscape Pristas Paintings. Introduction by Chicago art collector, Diane Graham - Henry.